To make better; improve; add value to. (Particularly common in military parlance).
I gorped the powerpoint presentation. Now we're ready to brief the General.
by RoLEM September 02, 2010
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marijuana resin scraped from a smoking device. sometimes smoked in desparation.
i ran out of trees so i had to smoke gorp, yo.
by skil April 25, 2006
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Abbreviation of 'greasy otter release program', ie a shit. Especially a smooth slimy dark one. does not include diarrhoea (its not otter shaped).
Ooh, I can't face the world until I've had a good cup of coffee and my morning gorp.

Ahh... That was a good gorp

Back in a minute - I've gotta go release some greasy otters back into the wild
by Merrick January 15, 2007
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