41 definitions by One Eyed Milkman

He is a gorp
She is gorp
They are gorps
by One Eyed Milkman June 07, 2004
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1. a non-religiously offensive exclamation of suprise

2. my former name with which i posted definitions on this site
1. "jebus christ! that's 7 inches long!"

2. "jebus christ! that's 7 inches long!"
by One Eyed Milkman March 24, 2004
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Word used to describe someone or something extremely strict or harsh
Your mom is so hitlerific, it's not as if that pensioner USED his legs that much anyway
by One Eyed Milkman July 10, 2004
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Anal intercourse (going in-through-the-outhole)
<dude1> Bro where you been?
<dude2> I been giving Old Mildred down the road a bit of bummage!
by One Eyed Milkman April 27, 2004
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