n.- A face made by lolling out the toung in a flat roll, puffing out the cheeks, and having bulging, crossed eyes. It was originally made by a cigar roller named Gookie and was made famous by Adolf (Harpo) Marx.
( U ) A Gookie looks somewhat like this letter face.
by Schnackelfratz October 19, 2006
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One of the following:

A. A child of a man or woman from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Korea (North and/or South), Mongolia, The Phillipines, Midway, or Taiwan.

B. One's Nutsack.

C. Sensei
Damn look at that fucking gookie.

Man, someone get me some lotion, my gookie is stickin to my leg!
by Vigilante DB October 26, 2003
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n.- a google cookie, each with it's own user identification number, for the sole purpose of logging every search entry of an individual for identity profiling, probably to the world's largest clandestine mainframe computer, to begin the first steps for surveillance of the entire human race.
My last google cookie ID number: PREF=ID=aff7df257fd0d28d
by Andy Mack April 17, 2005
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Said by Michael Scott in an episode on racial training.

Mocking Indian culture food on a humorous basis or mocking anyone named Juan Cruz, Jason Bravo, Jonathan Romero, or Brian Mendoza.
juan is being very gookie gookie.
by Shakezilla45 February 19, 2019
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Used to describe something as being particularly exceptional. The best compliment you can give to any person place or thing.
*Guy is eating a pizza*
Damn yo this shit is gooki
by Lil Gris The Kid March 19, 2019
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Visibly awkward and disjointed
He's brilliant on the radio but hard to take seriously on T.V.: he's such a gooky guy!
by Promoter of lols March 4, 2011
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someone being weird and/or someone who is ugly
girl you gooky as fuck
by HOLLYHOOD MY GUY January 24, 2019
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