6 definitions by Vigilante DB

When my chik walked in on me with my mistress, I had to make up an impromptu excuse for why my purple headed yogurt slinger was in her tuna taco.
by Vigilante DB October 25, 2003
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One of the following:

A. A child of a man or woman from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Korea (North and/or South), Mongolia, The Phillipines, Midway, or Taiwan.

B. One's Nutsack.

C. Sensei
Damn look at that fucking gookie.

Man, someone get me some lotion, my gookie is stickin to my leg!
by Vigilante DB October 26, 2003
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A class where about 5 or 6 decent people converge with the scrubby and idiotic morons who had to take this class as a filler. I took it because I thought it would be cool to have Snodgrass as a teacher, but that is definately outweighed by the fuking nasty peeps in the class. Like wordJared Harmonword, wordBuddy Loweword.
God damn i have advanced computer applications class next. I am going to have to bathe when i get home from all the dirty people.
by Vigilante DB October 27, 2003
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Emergency Medical Blowjob.
Jared Harmon couldn't get his EMS license, so he went to college (the library) and learned how to give EMB's, Emergency Medical Blowjobs.
John: Man my girlfriend has to work tonight.

Max: Just call Jared, he will administrate a cure for your heartache with an Emergency Medical Blowjob!
by Vigilante DB October 26, 2003
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Someone who acts like a total queer. If you see someone you would classify a fagmuffin, initiate wordCode Rainbow/word.
Man, look at that fagmuffin, thank God I don't know him!
by Vigilante DB October 26, 2003
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Word used by redneck cock suckers to tell what they used to be able to do.
Redneck 1: Hey Cleeetus, can youz drives a car?

Redneck 2: Well... I usetacould. If you gimme a second, i mitecould again!
by Vigilante DB October 27, 2003
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