A useful tool that way too many people do not, but should be, taking advantage of. spellcheck, n00b, lazy, ignant, wtf
Gaaah, uuhhh...not knowing I cannot say with an accustomed degree of accuacy, and not wishing to deviate what is strict truth, I must decline to answer, for your ticanic intellect is far too copius for my benign understanding. That person was probably not the least non uninteligent organic life form it's been my extreme lack of dipleasure not having been able to avoid meeting. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener. Tell him about the twinky. And all the hoos down in hooville won the lottery as the seas turned a particularly interesting shade of pink. Peace on earth good will towards...Auqualung my friend. I've decided to relocate to Pleasent Valley 26809 so as to leave it to Beaver. I will survive 'cause it's raining men......halleluia!
More to come? Uhhhh......

WTF! Don't you have access to a spellchecker of some kind?
by goldtoofblingbling November 6, 2004
I didn't pray to spellcheck last night, so it didn't correct my term paper today, resulting in me failing the class.
by rtyy May 14, 2004
a completely useless tool for the dumbasses that cant spell worth crap.
I used spellcheck while on microsoft word..... it sucked.
by atomic_orpheus November 3, 2005
The act of when a spellchecker gives you alterative spellings of a missed spelled word that are not even close to the word you typed. Even to the point of giving you alterative spellings that don’t even start with the same letter.
John: “Why did you put ‘Zigzags’ at the bottom of your text?
Sherry: “I guess my blackberry has Spellchecker Dyslexia and changed 'xoxoxo' to 'zigzags' when it spelljacked my text”.
by Stealth KC May 5, 2010
When a person publishes a piece of writing with a spelling error in it that he/she cannot change. Happens after writing has been submitted, and the person realizes that the error will be there for an eternity. The spelling error will be a crack in a perfectly sculpted piece of art, but however fantastic the art is people will only notice the spelling error. Such events drive the creator straight up the crazy tree, and they also drive the viewer into a region I like to call spellcheck-lockoutville, also known as the cookoo corner.
1. The spellcheck-lockout forced me to come to terms with the fact that my English essay entitled "Words of the English Language" wasn't going to be worth shit.

2. Right after I published my 856 page autobiography about my life I realized i had spelled automobile, autamobile. I cried for 3.5 months when I realized that there wasn't a damn thing I could do about my spellcheck-lockout. Now whenever I encounter another human life they say, "Autamobile Tyler? Really? There's a fucking o after the t you stupid piece a shit. What the fuck were you thinking?"
And I can only reply," I messed up, and I will never let it happen again for as long as I live."
They then reply, "Well you truly fucked up the word automobile, so Im gonna make sure this is a promise you'll be able to keep dirtbag."
Next they take out a plasma sword and just go to fucking town on my stomach and neck.

by Neptuner January 18, 2009
That awkward moment when your spellcheck knows what you wanted to say better than you do...
I was trying to type something "annually" about these two guy best friends and my spellcheck suggested "anally" .... freudian spellcheck!
by sleepysound February 29, 2012
When your sending a text, tweet, or just typing and autocorrect changes it to make it sound dirty or plain retarded.
You: (typing on XVIDZ) "hot blond milf with nice ass vidz"

Once you press enter: "Your search for 'hot Blonde mild with nice add vida' did not find any results. Try some other popular vidz: (gay porn)"

You: "Ugh! Scumbag Spellcheck! WTF!"


You: (texting a girl) "Hey bae gota get dos tities an dat ass..."

After sending you see it says: "Hey bale goat get does tiptoes and date add..."

by arthurlovesplastic February 17, 2014