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Someone who engages in inappropriate, silly, or dumb behavior, usually innocently. Derived from 'Goofus' in the Goofus and Gallant stories in Highlights for Children.
I was such a goofus for keeping my cell phone on during the movie.
by JoDil June 02, 2007
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goofy, goofy, the act of acting silly and playful. The noun form of the adjective goofy
That child is acting like a goofu.
by Dj Ojo March 17, 2005
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A Goofus is a human male who loves skateboarding, tequila shots and all things Indonesian. It is the type of guy who takes his clothes off during a game of ping pong, who breaks out into a mediocre rap in the middle of a normal conversation, and who decorates your bicycle with Christmas lights when you're not looking. A Goofus is all about positivity. He is the guy who will drive you to the beach after dark on the coldest night of the year, and who will drink sake with you in the middle of the day if you feel like it. One of the things that comes out of his mouth most is: "OKAY, LET'S DO THIS" and he says it in such a way that you go: "YEA, OF COURSE, LET'S JUMP INTO THAT PILE OF QUICKSAND, NO PROBLEM, LET'S GO!!!" People are not yet sure why his enthusiasm is so contagious. Theory goes that it's because a Goofus is unusually good looking and his curly hair always looks like he has just woken up, or that it's because he is some sort of weird and very satisfying mixture of smooth and sweet. Nobody really knows, so for the time being, this phenomenon is referred to as 'the Goofus magic'. When you meet a Goofus, keep him in your life in whatever way possible. And if by any strange twist of fate you get the chance, take him out for beer and a make out session - he might be good at life in general but he is excellent at that too.
- "Why are you wearing a silly costume on a regular night out?"
- "I pulled a Goofus."

-"Wow, that dude is amazing!"
- "Yea, he is definitely a Goofus allright."

- "When people are on the verge of getting depressed, they just need to Goofus up their lives, man."

- "For sure!"

- "Yesterday a kid was afraid to do a skateboarding trick so I spread some Goofus magic until he did."
- "Right on, Simon!"
by Latenightsun January 21, 2017
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A Smart and Intelligent Girl, who is also Funny and Pretty!

Goof is for short!
Dude, She is a Goofus!

Hey, that Girl is a Goof!
by Bubby! September 29, 2013
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A guy/girl who dedicates their life to being against anything serious.
He/she was a goofus who thought of himself/herself as Sho nuff or somebody else like Sho Nuff from either a different movie (or a living person they admired).
by Cloud Atlas Publishing Co. August 12, 2019
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