Johnny Cade, a greaser who stood up for his friends, risked his life twice to save his best friend and little kids from a fire. The kid who was kicked too many times.
He died Gallant. He was a southern gentleman, a hero.. No, southern gentleman had nothing on Johnny Cade.
by Mrs.Cade December 1, 2013
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heroism of epic proportions including dragons and a lady
ok you be exhibit A i be Exhibit B C be dragons D be woman of whom one of us loves
C ADB C <-- gallant
by Landonitis March 14, 2008
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A nickname for a really scrawny dude that just about anybody could beat up.
Dude 1: "Did you see me break that bottle over Ben's head last weekend?"

Dude 2: "Yeah. You didn't really need to use it though. He's a Gallant..."
by MANswers January 8, 2009
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a gallant is a very small man who chooses to wear only hollister a gallant can be seen in the weightroom working out only his biceps a gallant appears to be large in the upper body but is infact a poonatangarangus a gallant has a twin for a mother
yo did u see that gallant sized asian working out his biceps in the school gym?
by jodyody March 1, 2009
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Character in 8th season of American Horror story (played by Evan Peters), a gay hairdresser, who's got a leather kink and is definitely a bottom.
Mr. Gallant radiates bottom energy.
by Ms Gallant December 13, 2019
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A woman who enjoys seeing her generally male partner having sexual and or romantic relations with another woman.
"Beth knows Jim is sleeping with Susan. Beth doesn't mind, she's a Female Gallant, who gets off on the compersion."
by maplefrost May 26, 2009
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