Anything that you own. Your but sometimes. It can mean awesome,great,ok,good!
Don't touch my goodies!
Lyndsay- How was your day?
Julia- It was goodies!
Back off my goodies
by Linzzzz January 21, 2008
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Another weed for weed.
Boy 1: Hey man, I have a fresh batch of goodies!

Boy 2: Bitchin'! lets go smoke up in a dumpster!
by xxxpain May 04, 2009
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In gaming, anything and everything that can be conducive to a player's progress, be it ammunition, health items or a collectible or some sort.
I found this secret room with loads of goodies inside! Made the rest of the mission too easy!
by EcoEclipse February 08, 2010
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1 an asswhole who has been pushed his whole life to be a fuckhead, but generally tries not to.

2 a douch who should always take his shit, otherwise he posts dumb things on urbandictionary

3 a prink who is only such a prick to certain people for bad reason. however bad things happen to bad people
keep pushing it bitch, an ill have to go all goody on you

i really should take that shit, otherwise i wont be so goody

its like middle school all over again, i went fucking goody after all that time. but hey we both lost, yet i was the only one who cared in the first place. so i guess i made my point and showed people not to be so fucking stupid
by bitchimakillyou August 04, 2009
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