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1. To let someone know you appericiate their effort to help you out.

2. Abbreviation for good looking out.
1. Friend: Hey man you forgot your keys.
You: Aw thanks man, good look.

2. You: Can I get a ride?
Friend: Sure man.
You: Good look.
by Y0shi July 01, 2005
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Basically just a hand job
I'd love for Angelina Jolie to give me a tuggy.
by y0shi February 17, 2008
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Adjective to describe the act of looking for very sexy girls that are 100% fine as hell to fuck. The girl is 100% fine and you're trying to hit it cause you're feeling hunterish.
Guy 1: Damn that girl is a 10 outta 10 and 100% sexy as hell and i'm feeling hunterish.
by Y0shi November 17, 2009
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The following effect and draw back after a huge hit of marijuana is taken, where the person pulls back from the bong and becomes bright and wide eyed, starry eyed surprise.....
Damn man, that hit made you starry eyed surprise.....
by Y0shi March 08, 2006
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1. Word used in refering to the act of smoking weed.

2. Also can be to inform others that are you high or stoned by simply adding a "D."
1. Hey man, you trying to go chipe.

2. Man I am so chiped.
by Y0shi June 30, 2005
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Simply, really saggy boobs. The kind that just drop to a bitches knees. Also can have pepperoni sized nipples.
Damn that bitch got them slank meat titties. The kinda that just sag to da floor
by y0shi June 09, 2008
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A term used in beer pong that replaces a team mate for usually just a throw. The replacement can be anyone near the table choosen by the single player. This term is put in effect if the missing team mate taken a piss, droppin a deuce, or just unavalible at the time of his throw. This keeps the game flowing.
"Yo my team mate went to drop a deuce, imma have to run the figel option."
by Y0shi November 26, 2005
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