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Leo: if that dirty cop fucks with me, I need to cook some bacon.

2. Stitches - Fuck the police

I just found out where them cops live
So when I shoot up they crib I can see 'em drop dead
Put some bacon on the barbecue

3. You still know those guys who used to cook bacon?

4. Ill be cooking bacon.
by Yambalaja May 18, 2016
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To cock-block; to prevent one from getting play a.k.a. the digits, having sex or the booty. Preventing one from starting a relationship
I was trying to get this lovely young woman's phone number but my best friend was cooking bacon
by IbeCookin May 03, 2011
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when cooking bacon on the stove being careful is a must so that the pig doesnt burn you... so driving around or more so in the same direction as a cop you have to be careful not to get burn by him/her
friend: r u ok

me: no im cooking bacon
friend: really wheres the cop
me:a couple cars back
by SrNiightmare September 30, 2012
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cooking bacon means asking people for spare change.
can be used:
''cook bacon''
"I need another dollar"
"go cook bacon."

"what you up to?"
"cooking bacon."
"at the mall"
by thamiam May 25, 2008
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