A lesbian who has never had sex with a man. A 'pure' lesbian.
"She's a member of the goldstar club"
by tara7 June 19, 2008
To get a perfect on a song in Guitar Hero, because the stars turn gold when accomplished.
I goldstared that song.
by Will Kuklinski April 18, 2007
A Sunday in which someone masturbates to completion three or more times
Q: How has your day been?
A: Damn, not too bad. It's a goldstar Sunday so far.

Hey man! She called to ask me to talk her through an orgasm. She's working towards a goldstar Sunday. That shit's hot as fuck.
by Sleazy_P December 6, 2020
a lesbian who never has or intends to have sex with a man
-Are you a goldstar lesbian?
by kriszta November 11, 2006