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When a man gets angry at a woman for faking an orgasm, he asks her to suck him off to completion. Then, rather than jizzing into her mouth, he pretends like he's cumming and unleashes a tsunami of piss into her mouth.
Dude1: Yo, did you get with Shaniqua last night?
Dude2: Ya, that bitch faked a Big O on me, so I gave her a nice taste of my golden nut.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo December 15, 2016
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To achieve this particular nut, one must achieve orgasm nirvana. The golden nut is when a man jacks off and when he cums he can feel the nut rush out of his testicles, through the tubes, and out the tip. Happens once in a lifetime, the best jizz of your life.
John asked “Have you found Orgasm Nirvana?”
Ethan Johnson replies, “No, I have not had my golden nut,”
by SeniorPicklez September 27, 2017
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