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A software pattern that is solely promoted by individuals with micro frontends.
Mikey: Let's switch to a micro frontend.
Kyle: Yeah, you'd like that just cuz you have a micro frontend.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo June 14, 2019
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When a dude who goes by the name of "Mike" stands in front of a chick, proceeds to secretly make his penis hard, and then secretly angles it upwards and pisses directly into her unsuspecting face and mouth.
Mike: Hey baby girl, you like Mike's Hard Lemonade?
Chick: Oh yes I do.
Mike: Okay here I'll give you some.
*Mike then blasts her in the face*
by gfaisjdfjjwejo August 23, 2017
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Black man: I applied my caramel icing to Betty's chest on her birthday.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo February 27, 2017
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The act of stimulating the anus by excreting feces partially out of one's own ass, then allowing the natural pressure of the anus to suck the feces back into one's own rectum. The process is repeated to one's satisfaction.
Dude1: So I've been trying out assturdbation lately.
Dude2: Oh man, I tried that once, it didn't work for me. Too much leakage.
Dude1: Yeah man, you've got to change your diet to avoid all types of fiber.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo July 8, 2016
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A drink drank by black men who are trying to fit in with their white friends. It consists of an emptied out White Claw® can filled up with Colt 45®.
Cody: Yo Jamal, you need another White Claw bro?
Jamal: Yeah bro, toss it here but I need to go to the bathroom real quick.
Jamal (in a hushed tone): Yo Tyrese, where'd you hide the Colt at? I need to make me a Black Claw.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo December 6, 2019
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When a man gets angry at a woman for faking an orgasm, he asks her to suck him off to completion. Then, rather than jizzing into her mouth, he pretends like he's cumming and unleashes a tsunami of piss into her mouth.
Dude1: Yo, did you get with Shaniqua last night?
Dude2: Ya, that bitch faked a Big O on me, so I gave her a nice taste of my golden nut.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo December 15, 2016
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The act of masturbating during a virtual meeting held via Google Meet©.
Kyle: Oh man, I can't believe we have to have another virtual diversity training again...
Donald: Yeah but that trannysient leading it is pretty hot. I think I'll turn it into a Google Meat Beat.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo November 8, 2021
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