A slang term for a sick ass beej.
Yeah man, Brittany gave me a sick gobby last night.
by Harlsbad March 28, 2018
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Her make-up is really gobby. OR
That outfit is gobby as hell.
by wonton28 July 11, 2011
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a gobbi is a dirty kid with greasy hair and yellow teeth
plural gobbis
that gobbi wears the same shirt every day

look at that gobbis greasy ass hair

all the security gaurds at limestone are gobbis
by House of Payne October 20, 2005
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a very sexy boy. works it with the ladies. has mexican moustache. hair is overgrown- needs a cut badly. often found in other people's pants.
wow! i wanna give that gobby a gobby. (see previous entry)
by maureenjoanne March 02, 2006
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Inheriting from "Gobby" (Blowjob) , A Gobby Cunt refers to an individual who consistently, borderline impulsively talks and is strongly disliked for it.
Pers 1 : Fuck! That guy never shuts up
Pers 2: Fucking Gobby Cunts
Gobby Cunt: *flaps mouth away
by O'l Mate February 09, 2020
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A British term used to describe an greedy selfish overweight lady.
"I don't buy from thrift stores there stuff is dirty and old...i don't even give stuff to charity's or thrift shops I just burn my old stuff" said by a gobby cow
by lostnomad February 06, 2014
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A girl who loves to suck off guys as much as she can. Usually a swallower and must have completed atleast 10 bjs to earn the title.
Dude, did you see that girl at the party last night?

Yeah, I heard she is a total 'gobbie monster!'.
by MitchTheCreator November 02, 2011
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