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An Australian slang term, meaning basically when a bloke is fellated by a shiela. (That means a man gets sucked off by a woman)
"Got some action last night, mate."
"Mm-hmm. Got a gobby, mate."
"Nice work, mate!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
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The act of performing fellatio; oral sex. This only applies to a blowjob - a female giving a male head, and is NOT applicable in the reverse situation.
Derived from the english slang Gob - which refers to the mouth.
by Amzy February 10, 2005
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another word for blowjob
when a girl gives a guy a blowjob, balls n all
"man, i got a killa gobby last night"

that hoe gives the best gobbies
by skatman May 25, 2003
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The same as MOUTHY.When someone talks too much,too loudly, or uses boastful or slanderous talk then they are GOBBY or GOBBING OFF.
"That GOBBY cunt,I told him to stop GOBBING OFF about me but in the end I had to twat him.
by mugwump November 13, 2004
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A chick giving a dude a head job

- The art of preforming gobbies is a delicate one
Mike: "You cop gobbies of the bitch last night?

Me: "Aiiiii Selecta"
by Boom Selecta August 16, 2005
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