On Facebook, the act of hostile taking over someones page or event, kicking the admins and then posting hundreds or thousands of goats while the regular page fans scream WHAT'S GOING ON?! WHAT'S WITH THE GOATS?!

Originated early 2012 with the goating of someone known as "Norma". Has since been done dozens of times by multiple groups and the practice is growing.
We're goating the NRA Event tonight, bring your goats to post!

He's been laying low since the last goating.

This idiot has been goated 3 times.

Hey guys, I hacked his account and we'll be goating the page at 3pm
by DjangoFett January 11, 2014
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The act of putting ones balls behind their legs while mooning an unexpecting boy. If said boy looks at mooner, mooner may touch unexpecting boys butt twice.
Mostly used by near-homosexual football players.
"Matt spanked Dusty twice after goating him!"
by c-dizzle YA HEARD August 16, 2006
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In an atmosphere of bonhomie, possibly at a party, a member of the group will put his glass to one side and suggest a spot of goating. The group will then drop trousers and pants and chase each other round the room, trying to stick their fingers up each others bottoms. It is recommended that particular attention to cleanliness is observed whilst making one's toilette.
The party really kicked off when Rappy suggested they all get goating.
by Will Bowen May 7, 2004
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The act of 'goating' or to 'goat' oneself, is to piss your pants in a public place when under the influence of alcohol
Benny goated himself in McDonalds on New Years Eve with his erstwhile companion Timothy. He then twatted an Iraqi
by Scruttock March 21, 2005
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The act of seeking the perfect revenge in which, one or many goats, are involved.
Shana is goating Steven's apartment tomorrow. Gonna wreck it, dude!
by Mrswift March 14, 2013
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Variation of the practice of dogging, comprising of a younger individual soliciting sex with an Old Age Pensioner of either gender. Can also be used as a term of abuse for the other half of a realtionship containing a cradle snatcher.
"Hello darling, fancy going off for a goat?"

"God, she's a bit of a goater isn't she?"
by EdT May 30, 2005
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to pee or urinate
i walked in on her while she was goating
by kayla and jennie March 2, 2004
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