an individual who regularly exposes his ass in public - expressing a latent homosexual desire for anoreceptivity
I heard Sigmund Freud was a mooner during his medical training
by Snoopy Pugh April 18, 2008
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the act of whipping down ones pants and bending over to reveal ones ass cheeks.
SNAP! Yo moms hung a mooner and I saw her fucking snapper!
by bt February 20, 2003
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Someone who believes the moon exists.
That mooner doesn't understand the irony in believing the moon is real but the moon landing is fake.
by nerkiansavage September 06, 2012
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When you stick your bare ass onto ones face and there is nose penetration.
Hold down my little brother while i give him the loonar mooner!
by BrewedBatista August 19, 2008
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An ignoramus who howls at the moon because no one else will listen to such stupidity.
That full mooner believes in the tooth fairy.
by DOPLAZA January 25, 2011
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Graveyard shift lunch. Including meals such as Moonghetti, Moonwich, and Moon Louis.
Its 3 am and I'm starving, I'm going for Mooner.
by Lunarman July 03, 2011
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When your mooning someone, and he sticks his dick in your ass.
Shit! We tried to moon Larry and he hit us with the mooner molester! Fuck man!!!
by El ritardo June 25, 2018
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