A rappy is a close,tight, loving friend who cares about you/pen mate/dawg
My rappy was playing too much so I slapped him
by pepper_swag2 June 16, 2018
Adjective with the ability to describe any situation when you can't think of a more appropriate word or you don't know the correctly translated word in English
"I couldn't understand what she was saying, she was too .... rappy!"

"You look fantastic today!" "Thank you, you look very rappy"
by The Bughouse February 20, 2010
The Best v/t on E/SC/NL he is unbeatable 1v1 and his acct is *Izlude77714

hes Real Good Looking

and... I am in Love with him :o
Rappy has joined our world diablo's minions grow stronger.
Franklin: oh muh GOSH! its Rappy wtf
/f m Help its Rappy
Franklin was Slain by Rappy
by Cassandra November 4, 2004
Rappy means newbish.A major newb on a game such as NightMist or Diablo II.
Omigod you such a fucking Rappy!
by Exor from Nightmist November 4, 2004
A "rappie" is a slang term that means basically "cohort" or "co-conspirator" Someone who is actually or apparently in cahoots with another in a usually nefarious endeavor.
Hell nah! That sumbitch is tryin to make me out to be his rappie!
by JCS1 October 17, 2007