just chilling, trying not to draw attention to yourself so you don't get noticed or so certain people can't find you.
i just got busted dealin laying low for a little while aite
by stashd July 11, 2008
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The act of pretending to be really busy all of the time and needing to relax for a night.
The act of being mentally retarded and thinking you lead a busy lifestyle yet you sit at home 22 out of the 24 hours, but believing you need a night to rest.
Deli said he was laying low for the night even though he always does nothing with his insignificant life.
by Ryan God June 28, 2008
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to lay low is another form of minding your own and worrying about your own. staying out the scene and avoiding where the hype is at. people like this stay out of unnecessary drama, have all their bills paid before they're due, live a very chill life and get very ahead in life because of this approach.
Tommy: Damn everyone is out to this club!
Jimmy: I'm good, you know, I rather lay low.
by y3333333t March 31, 2019
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Someone who lays low is someone who stays very much in the background and rejects the temptation to draw attention to himself.
Deep: Let's try and get some gash tonight.

Saffy: Mate lay low, yeah?

Jock: He can't. I'm the master of laying low...sundoooo!

*Jock proceeds to lay low*
by RobDonan September 4, 2011
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Take a powder for awhile, find an isolated area where you know noone & hide out
After her boyfriend dumped her & she lost her job, she wanted to lay low.
by TMFT. August 5, 2005
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What you do when the cops and/or gangster's are after yo' ass.
"I be layin'-low for a while, until shit calms down at least."
by Diego September 4, 2003
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To Watch Your Fuccin Bacc.
yo,nigga you betta Lay Low befo' my nigga peels a cap in ya ass
by LodiDodi October 24, 2008
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