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An ice hockey player whose job is to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals by blocking shots with various parts of his body. Goalies (also commonly referred to as goaltenders, net minders and puck stoppers) differ from any other player on the team in the sense that they do not play shifts. Goalies are expected to play the entire 60 minutes of a given hockey game on the ice.

Physical characteristics of most goaltenders include extreme flexibility, due to the necessity to be agile enough to maneuver freely to stop multiple shots in a given game. Goalies also commonly have above average reflexes, as at the professional level, often are forced to save shots exceeding speeds of 75 mph on a regular basis.

Goalies are often considered quirky and highly emotional by nature. Most goalies employ a very strict set of rituals before games. The reasoning behind their ritualistic nature is most often in order to prepare them for the game. Their personalities are often described as bi-polar and many players, including the goalie's teammates, avoid him at almost all costs on game day. Goalies' dual-sided, unpredictable emotions stem from the fact their job as a goalie is a very high stress-high reward position.

It should be noted that goalies hold the most important position on any hockey team and any smart player, though they may not like the goalie, gives the goalie both his space and respect.
Check it out rook, that's our goalie over there. On game day do not sit next to him on the bus, ask him for anything or talk to him about the game. In fact, don't make any form of contact with him at all."
by netminder December 07, 2008
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