To prevent the act of intercourse between a male and a female, usually done by one who is hatin'.
"Denise says her moms never lets her stay out past midnight."
"Tell her moms to stop blockin!"
by =nEo= July 20, 2004
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when a guy is tryin to get laid but
his friend or a her friend or any random person who is a dickhead prevents it
"dude you were totally cock blockin me!!"
by wassup wassup October 28, 2007
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When one guy tries to cock block another guy when the second guy is trying to score with a girl
Joey was MC Blockin' dan-o when joey was listening to dan-o while dan-o was trying to get it in with a girl
by DJ AYCH February 18, 2012
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Balla Blockin is when someone tries to hold you back from accomplishing what you gots to do to survive.
Nigga1: Them snitches down way
Nigga2: Yea fa sho they balla blockin fa real!
by -RED- November 13, 2008
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when a guy is tryna holla at a girl but anotha guy interferes.
"I was at the mall and I was talk to this fine ass gurl, but den this dude gon' come and start cock blockin me. I almost beat his ass!"
by FyNeMa4ShO August 14, 2005
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a movie about the Magnolia Projects made by the "Cash MOney Millionares" aka cash money records
yo we watched baller blockin' last week
by iceberg shorty December 04, 2004
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