to have each person pay his or her own expenses
If a friend and I go out to eat, we might "go dutch," meaning we may each pay for our individual portion of the bill
by srie-paradise May 28, 2015
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When each person (typically in a dating scenario) pays for their own meal.
Becky: Did he pay for your meal?

Linda: No, we both decided we were going Dutch.
by Amalita Brungoli April 24, 2017
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In dating, when both parties pay for their own bills, thus effectively dispelling the double-standard where men are always expected to pay.
"If you meet an intelligent, attractive and friendly woman who likes going dutch then you should hang on to her for dear life."
by DesPERRYado October 27, 2005
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The phrase "going Dutch" probably originates from Dutch etiquette. In the Netherlands, it is not unusual to pay separately when dating. The Dutch were already internationally known as scrooges, and English rivalry with The Netherlands especially during the period of the Anglo-Dutch Wars gave rise to several phrases including Dutch that promote certain negative stereotypes. Examples include Dutch courage, Dutch uncle and Dutch wife. The particular stereotype associated with this usage is the idea of Dutch people as ungregarious and selfish.

In Spain, "going Dutch" is attributed to Catalans, due to a stereotype that they are greedy. A stereotypical non-Catalan Spaniard would compete to invite the group.
In Italy, the expression pagare alla romana can be translated as: "To pay like people of Rome" or "to pay like they do in Rome". It has the same meaning as "going Dutch".
Curiously, in South American countries exist the Spanish phrase pagar a la americana (literally "To pay American style") which refers to a treat attributed to North Americans or Canadians.
Last night I had no money, but fortunately we didn't go Dutch and my friend treated me.
by mimodona September 21, 2006
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When you go an a date and everyone pays separately.
Stephanie: I only have enough for my meal.

Natalia: Yeah so do I.

Christopher: I am not paying for anyone's food.

John: Great, so everyone can GO DUTCH

Natalia: Going Dutch is a great idea.
by IdontDoDutch November 29, 2011
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When two people each masturbate next to each other. Like when going out for a meal and each personal paying for themselves.
Dick and Jane gave up sex for lent so instead they decided to go dutch.
by Seaeye June 30, 2022
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When two partners on a date choose to pay their own respective portions of the bill instead of the man paying for it all.
I saved twenty dollars by going dutch with Christine to the club.
by Adam Bone December 25, 2003
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