This can be used when someone asks you to do something, pass something, get them something etc which you don’t want to do for them. You can also throw in nigga at the end if you want.
Person 1: Yo holmes pick me up something to drink from da shop.

Person 2: Go fish nigga
by pussy crew August 17, 2006
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term used as the answer "NO" to an annoying question that begins with "Do you have any..."
"Do you have any pencils I can borrow" "Go fish..."
by ILIKESOUP94 May 13, 2011
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A response to name-dropping an obscure personage from pop culture or history on a social networking site.

Like in the card game 'go fish,' it's an acknowledgment that you don't have that card in your hand, and that you have to go fishing for it on the internet.
Person 1: "Julian Assange is the new Carmen Sandiego"

Person 2: "Go Fish"
by toughie December 2, 2010
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when having sex an your condom comes off, and you must get it out of your girlfriends vagina.
Man i was doing your girlfriend last night and i pulled out for sec, looked down and figured out i was going fishing.
by samurai_47 March 29, 2008
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A game played between two individuals where one hides a Swedish fish in their mouth, and the other has to retrieve the fish with their tongue. A variation includes having the "hider" guard the fish with their tongue by attempting to block the seeker.
Dan: Hey, let's play some Go fish tonight
Jill: Yeah, closest thing you'll ever get to exercise, but I'll take it.
by Uncle Reality December 15, 2015
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Mike: Will you go fishing this weekend?
Sarah: Not with you.
by Jake March 25, 2005
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To go find somebody on the streets to buy alcohol.
Chuck: Man my sis went out of town this weekend and now there is nobody to buy us alcohol.

Chester: Don't worry man, we'll just go fishing.
by Angel_135 September 14, 2009
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