1.One who avoids the revealing of their true appearance on internet networking sites.
examples being those who wear sunglasses that cover over half their face. Pictures taken in the mirror that show a bright flash dominating the photo. Those who use a picture of themselves with their hottest friend so it is impossible to tell which they is. there are many more examples.

dat girl is a hider! I been lookin' at her facebook for 10 minutes i still don't know who she is. Mang, they is hidin' behind them big ass glasses, u kno what i say, i got too much pride to hide!
by jeremias December 12, 2006
someone who pretends to sign off aim by closing the eye, but stays on for whatever reason, talking to ppl who know about their hidingness
ann yuan is a dirty hider, who diea a lot
by asianman April 23, 2004
a turd that comes out of ur ass so fast it goes right down the drain where u cant see it to be proud of it
that damn hider, i new i had a good one!!!
by WhatEver69 July 26, 2004
A commpond of hiedeous and rediculous.
That big hair of her is just down right hiderous!!
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 4, 2007
When a male hides his penis in his ball sack. Then the male will smack his stomach and his penis will pop out.
Step 1. Stretch your ball sack.
Step 2. Push your penis into your ball sack.
Step 3. Pull the ball sack over the penis until it is fully hidden.
Step 4. Find a person to show your new talent.
Step 5. Smack your stomach hard enough so your penis pops out.
You have successfully completed the hider, How do you feel?
by Rollin91s February 2, 2010
a nickname for a turtleneck. there’s a pretty good chance a girl recently hooked up w someone when she’s wearing one
Anna: Fuck dude can I borrow a hickey hider for school tmr?
Emily: Of course, I gotchu girl. Did you hook up with Tyson again last night?
Anna: Maybe...
by ur b1tch November 28, 2019
The annoying character in every single zombie movie that chooses to hide his/her zombie bite from the group. This bite usually occurs during a tense combat situation or retreat from zombies while running to a sheltered environment. The bite festers and only turns the recipient of the bite at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT for the group. A "bite hider" will usually respond "oh, just a scratch" when asked by the other members if they're hurt.

Sometimes the bite hider has no idea they will turn into a zombie and some times they do. Both are annoying.
The pregnant woman in the Dawn of the Dead (2004) remake was a "bite hider" - she was aided by her boyfriend in the deception. Her bite festered and she turned - AND - in turn, turned her unborn child into a zombie.

In Resident Evil Extinction (2007), L.J. Wayne (Mike Epps) hides the bite he receives and then turns AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT. Yep.
by Necropology February 22, 2012