the worst thing you can possibly say to someone. this phrase can destroy someone and they will have no way of coming back
person 1: no one likes you ugly ass ni🅱️🅱️a
person 2: go commit die

person 1: shit
by Xx_ass_eater_69 August 12, 2018
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When grammar dies but u still want to say go kys.
roblox player 1: ur an idit
roblox player 2: ur the f word
roblox player 1: stop being having autism
roblox player 1: go commit die
by iiJason124 August 28, 2018
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the most deadly insult known to man. say this and your opponent will die 300000000000 times.
man: you are rarted
me: go commit die
man: *does neck rope*
by alee2006 October 5, 2018
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1. an ironic catch phrase on roblox

2. a catch phrase that is very stupid and the enemy will give up (unlike no u)
Me: lol i splashed the ball first idiot
someone: go commit die
by imp fuck2 September 24, 2018
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The worst possible insult known to roblox. Upon saying this to ANYONE in game or in the real world, they'll die 666666666666666666666666666 times and be sent directly to hell. This is the only insult worse than ur family reunion a homosexual communion. It also cannot be countered by a no u and can only be countered by using an uno reverse card.
Robloxkid69: ur mom gay
LordCowCow: no u
Robloxkid69: ur daddy lesbian
LordCowCow: Go commit die
Robloxkid69: *has a fucking stroke both in roblox and in real life and fucking turns blue and implodes and fucking dies*
by TheAngryNerd April 30, 2019
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