Phrase used when a black person is living in a white country
Here is england, here is not your land!, go back to africa!
by lithuania4life January 30, 2008
An insult used against blacks living in a non-African country.

What people forget when they use it, however, is that in order to "go back" to somewhere, you have to have been born in that place. Most likely, the black who you tried to insult was born in a Western country, and no Western country is located in the continent of Africa.

If you want to use this insult: you should go back to school and learn some geography. While you're there, learn some scientific facts, such as how all humans can trace their origins back to Africa, not just blacks. It has been proven: the most racist communities also happen to be the least educated.
Racist: "Go back to Africa"
Black: "You should come with me since all humans are originally from Africa. It's either go there or remain a 16 year old 5th grader for you"
by BlackTokyo April 19, 2009
"Go back to africa!"
"I already have a job. I can't get time off to travel. What else do you want?"
by Vita Smart July 27, 2022
a place where Black people go to get the apprenticeship of a lifetime so a few of their descendants can get a job to make up to $15 per hour in about 500 years after they bring them right back to america in slave ships
"Go back to africa!"
"I can't you'll just bring me back here!"
by Vita Smart July 27, 2022