10 year old virgins who fucking love fortnite to death and say boi to everything ever
me: uses app on phone
5th grader: boi
by fastcow August 20, 2018
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little fucking idiots who think they can date and want lots of sex even though they are stupid younglings who think love is when you hold hands and "kiss"

also they think they're smart as fuck
your in 5th grade.
Wow Jimmy you're such a 5th grader, lets go make love and kiss behind the trees at recess. LOL!
by munchknommer August 29, 2015
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A horny fifth grader is one whole usually humps their pillow all night, or masturbates to themselves. Usually spends the whole recess talking smack about toher people or Cussing and making out.
Kendall: Man, that Charlie is one Horny 5th Grader for Tucker!

Jess: Yeah, I heard at their sleepover they had sex!
by PixelBlix November 13, 2021
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In relation to the game show Are You Smarter Then A 5th Grader, it is asking whether a female's vagina is tight or loose. Or, whether she is a good girl or a dirty tea-bagging whore.
I saw a hottie from across the room but she looked like she'd been passed around, so before I sealed the deal I asked her, "Girl I got to know, are you tighter then a 5th grader?"
by SNL16 March 28, 2009
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A new game show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy on FOX that takes adults and subjects them to elementary level questions. There are ten questions contestants must answer, for increasing amounts of money. There are two questions for each grade level from 1st through 5th. The questions have varying subjects, such as 1st grade astronomy or 3rd grade world geography. If all are answered correctly, the contestant must answer one final question to get the $1000000 prize.

The contestant has 5 'classmates', who are all real life 5th graders. For every two questions, the contestant can pick a classmate to come up on stage with him/her. After two questions, the contestant picks another classmate to come up. The classmates help the contestant through the use of 3 'cheats'. PEEK: Contestant looks at classmate's answer and decides whether or not to go with it. COPY: Without looking at classmate's answer, the contestant MUST go with it. SAVE: If the contestant gets the answer wrong, but the classmate gets it right, the contestant is still in the game. Each can only be used once. After all cheats are used, the classmates no longer go on stage. Contestants may drop out before they answer a question and leave with the money won. If they get an answer wrong, and are not saved, they lose all money won and must face the camera, saying "I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader". However, if they've passed the $25000 (5th) question, they will leave with the $25000.

IMAO, this show is quite notorious for featuring dipshit people that apparently don't know very simple things, like what the Mayflower is.
Jeff: Now back to 'Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?'. Okay, 3rd question. What subject do you want to tackle next, for $5000?

Contestant: I'm gonna take 4th grade world geography please!

Jeff: Okay, what is the only continent that is also a country?

*classmate locks in answer*

Jeff: Well, your classmate has already answered...

Contestant: Well, this is a toughy for sure! Um, well...

Me (at TV): You dumb motherfucker! It's obviously Australia!!

Contestant: I think I may need to copy.

Me: ...
by iQue el fuck! April 1, 2007
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