Evil alliance race in World of Warcraft (best MMO ever) that are too hard to click and therefore... suck.
Freakin gnome and their small size, my 60 rogue can't kill the level 40 gnome warrior! ARGG!
by SpikeMinoda July 12, 2005
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Delightful creatures who live in a world filled with fantasy and mystery. Gnomes are known for their pointy hats, sideways walk, and for being extremely punctual.
I knew a gnome who lived in a world filled with fantasy and mystery, walked sideways, and was extremely punctual.
by Cptnshnr4 October 01, 2008
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Small bearded figures (always male)made of wood or ceramic materials, usually found in the homes and gardens of Bag Ladies, Bus Drivers, and Tooks alike. Gnomes have become iconic symbols to middle aged Women and Men as representations of phallic objects; as a result of this the term "gnoming" has been coined when referencing the desire to receive or bestow phallic penetration. Also used commonly in the past tense i.e. "gnomed"
a woman might say, "what do I have to do to get a good "gnoming?"

a man might say, "so last night, I finally
"gnomed" that girl I've been dating."
by Sheep FeverDog February 28, 2009
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Refers to people who don't go out at night.

They are magical creatures that are not seen after 8pm.
Mainly applies to those in college that rather stay in than go out.

Gnome status is acquired after 2 repeated weekends of staying in without a valid excuse.

Valid excuses include dying, exam the next day, and a date( although if the dates continually interfere with going out they are no longer a valid excuse)
Friend A: You going to Pub?

Friend B: No I'm staying in

Friend A: umm dude you've stayed in the past 2 weeks and

midterms are over why aren't you going out

Friend B: I'm just not

Friend A: wow you're a total Gnome
by yeahiknow imawesome November 20, 2011
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Stupid little creatures that like to huant u when u sleep and play weird ass techno music in the corner of your room while ur on the cpu. they also like putting fake COCKROACHES in ur bed and there real big its disgusting.. But u can destroy them with exploding quarters and green shoes they like to attack leprachauns like myself and my buddies. Dont for get if ur a leprachaun stare them in there eyes and theyll melt!!
There little Bullshit animals FUCK GNOMES LEPRACHAUNS WILL RULE!
If u hear something scrable by ur feet and then u look and theres nothing there its either a mouse or its the GNOMES!
by Cameron W. January 11, 2008
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