A gnome is the preponderance of pre-pubescent, or simply underdeveloped teenage males that preoccupy their lives with nerdy online games such as “world of warcraft” and “torn city”. Whilst conversing to their overseas online buddies, they often use a prevalent amount of expressive emoticons and online slang. The average gnome begins their internet alter-identity at a young age, and progress from pet sites such as “neopets” onto bigger and tougher games, such as “counter strike” and “world of warcraft”.
Often, some gnomes progress onto even owning their own gaming website. This however, is only the “leader gnomes”, not the “try hard gnomes”.

The gnomes appearance is often very mediocre, they are usually rather stocky, from all those solitary hours spent at the computer, or quite lanky from the lack of eating from spending many solitary hours at the computer. Their hair is often short and buzzed into a crew cut and their clothing is still chosen by their overbearing mothers.

Many gnomes chose to be employed by their local supermarket as their first job, this often develops into a full-fledged obsession as many gnomes become obsessed and desire a job as CEO when older.
Kael possesses many characteristics of a gnome.
by Dani =) June 12, 2007
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1) A very small creature. Usually placed on lawns hence Lawn Gnomes. 2) Expression said when identifying an elf with a huge penis, can be drawn on paper
Me: -places gnome drawn on paper near Nick's desk-
Me: Gnome!
Nick: Elf with Big Dick!
Mr. Wisler: Gimme that. (stuffs in pocket)
Later in the teacher planning room:
Mr. Wisler: -wanks off the piece of paper-
by P huNgy November 18, 2003
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A little bastard which may be considered under the age of 12, who cries when ur eating, runs around naked in ur yard screaming and yelling.
That little peice of shit gnome ran in my yard and now im gonna shoot it 550 times in the face with a 9mm uzi. :)
by Dr. T February 22, 2004
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a Justin....a small kid who goes to PV and has a big attitude...this ones for u man
look theres gnome!
by muahaha92 March 18, 2009
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The most awesomesauce race in the World of Warcraft.

Gnomes are a diminutive, wiry race of tinkers who live underground. In the Second War, they built vehicles and gadgets for the Alliance — submarines and flying machines — to combat the Horde. They are great mechanics and inventors, and are renowned for their knowledge and eccentric natures. The gnomes had a city, Gnomeregan, built into Ironforge Mountain; but invading troggs destroyed it and slaughtered its citizens. Many survivors moved into Khaz Modan and now live with the Ironforge dwarves, and a few traveled with their dwarven friends to Kalimdor. The gnomes are still reeling from the destruction of their home city and are loath to leave the safety of the dwarven tunnels. Most gnomes on Kalimdor remain secluded in Bael Modan. Even after the decimation of their race and the destruction of their city, gnomes are an amiable and kindhearted lot. They make and keep friends easily; others find disliking a gnome to be difficult. Gnomes are long-lived and take a fatherly approach to other races, particularly humans. Gnome society is loosely organized. Most live in Khaz Modan and mix freely with the dwarves, sending representatives to speak to the dwarven king on their behalf. Those few gnomes who traveled to Kalimdor live in a similar fashion in Bael Modan. Gnomes are gifted tinkers. They have a penchant for creating radical technology and innovative designs. They often work together with Ironforge dwarves, developing the blueprints and concepts from which the dwarf smiths draw their inspiration.
What a cute Gnome! Aren't they just awesome?
by Cassehh October 05, 2008
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I am a Gnome,

Gnomes are known for their heavy use of pot.

They also steal your lawn ornaments.

They love to be random, so eat them, than get high.
Joe Choe is a real Gnome, he owns you! Smoke a blunt and think of me!
by ChoeJoe June 29, 2004
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