Abbreviation for Potential Victim.

Commonly used to refer to a girl/guy with whom you are considering courtship/elopement/copulation/mating/etc. Typically used by people who are less than attractive to begin with; therefore their person-of-desire is considered "prey".
"Spot any PV's (potential victims) tonight at that house party?"

"I'm going to walk around the club and look for some PV's. I'll report back to you with the results."
by Kngchn June 26, 2020
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Short for a promotional video. Applies mainly to music releases.
"Did you see that PV last night on TV? I can't wait until that song comes out!"
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A secret, exclusionary Private Vibe involving a select group of pals.
Jeff: anyone up for a PV with a few cans?

Marvin: sounds good, I’m in.
by Gobblyvibe April 16, 2020
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Ponderosa Villa (The Villa Tribe)

People who live in The villa use the gang sign PV to show where they're from
by Momo PV February 19, 2017
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abbreviation for personality vomit, when a person spews intimate details about themselves to a complete stranger or a mere acquaintance.
The entire office and the Fedex guy was aware of when the receptionist was menstruating. He indadvertantly delivered a package at the hour of onset, and he was immediately covered in PV.
by wisk April 24, 2008
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Referring to the teacher Paul Vessalas
Hey, I've got PV next period
by kenny loves footy March 29, 2022
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Personal vaporizer, an electronic device that supplies nicotine without delivering as many toxins or passing second hand smoke to others.

Sometimes called e-cigarette, electronic cigarette
There was no smoking allowed, so she vaped on her PV.
by Mary Mag October 27, 2009
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