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Simply the most kick-ass language ever. Spoken by Elves and comes in two dialects (Quenya and Sindarin).
Awesome person: "ego, mibo orch"
Dumbass: "Why are you speaking Welsh?"
Awesome person: "It's Elvish, and it means 'begone and kiss an orc.' Bitch."
Dumbass: "You're a nerd."
Awesome person: "And proud of it."
by Amalja June 12, 2011

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A spelling of the word penis used by slightly less smart people who hear the word. having never seen it written down and write down what they think they hear. Synonyms include peanous, peanis, peanus, peenous, penice etc.
Jim: "I gOT wartZ on Meh pEnous"
Bill: "It's penis, get it right, idiot."
by Amalja July 19, 2011

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A euphemism for sex. So named because in Lord of the Rings, after elves get married they have sex.
I heard noises coming from Sara and Tony's room, then realised they were having an Elvish Wedding. Opening the door, I saw them going at it like animals.
by Amalja May 03, 2011

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Badly translated Elvish. The Elvish equivalent of Engrish. So named for an old RP site that made up its own version of Elvish, and called it Grelvish.
Fangirl: *mutters random Grelvish sentences*
Cool Nerd: Hey, I can't understand you! Stop speaking Grelvish and go learn REAL Elvish!
by Amalja May 28, 2011

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A woman's vaginal flaps.
The stripper left the scent of her lady curtains on the pole.
by Amalja May 22, 2011

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Any food that looks or tastes gross.
Man, that pie was fly loaf.
by Amalja July 04, 2011

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the one race in WoW EVERYONE hates, whether Alliance or Horde
went to stormwind yesterday, stupid gnome n00b asked me for all my gold. i /ignored the bitch and told him to kiss my purple night elf ass.
by Amalja April 12, 2011

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