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You know, what happens when your thoughts get all trapped up like in a bottle.
Its mind bottling how many people still litter.
by spaceman_ryan April 11, 2007
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When things are crazy and it is like your mind is trapped in a bottle
I have 3 tests this week and have to go to work. This is so mindbottling
by Scotty H October 01, 2007
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When things get so crazy that your thoughts get all trapped, like in a bottle.
Watch Blades of Glory... Will Farrell, "Wow, mind bottling isn't it?"
by Niko M. April 10, 2007
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(a play on words of: mind-boggling)

when you have so many thoughts trapped inside your head, like in a bottle.
::watching football::

guy 1: dude! did you just see that crazy play!
guy 2: yeah it was mind-bottling!!!
by Meghan Lepinski April 26, 2007
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adj. Intellectually or emotionally overwhelming, bewildering, astonishing. "'
Man United's 6-1 loss to Man City this weekend was mind-bottling, a mind bottling display
by H-Town Babe October 25, 2011
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