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1. An area of glue or other adhesive substance upon a surface most commonly left after sticker removal, that has accumulated fluff, dust, hair and any other domestic detritus.

2. Drying sticky residues upon the skin that have gathered material. Or when sticky residues become dried on body hair.

3. Material attached to discarded chewing gum or other plastic substances.

4. Hair and domestic material gathered upon spilt food and drink upon surfaces.
Found a huge bit of gluff on top of the fridge last night.
by MinickyBlack January 14, 2011
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Originated in NYC

-used when understanding something
-can also be used as a way of saying thanks
-same as the word "alright"
Understanding something
Teacher: and that's how you get the answer
Student: Gluff...

Thanking someone
Friend 1: Hey bro you dropped this dollar on the floor
Friend 2: Gluff bro I needed that I'm really hungry.

Using it as the word alright
Friend 1: Yo I'll see u at the party later tonight.
Friend 2: Yea gluff bro I'll see you there
by Robert826 May 16, 2016
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A word used when reading or writing fan fiction about Gay Fluff.
Holly- did you know Sarah’s into Gluff now...
Jim- what???
Holly- Gay Fluff.
Holly- and she loves it!!!
by Blakethesnake98 May 11, 2018
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