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To deficate on ones automobile, in revenge or spite. The act of deficating directly on ones automobile. Mostly done while intoxicated. Similar to lloyding.
"Dude, im so wasted right now, im gonna go glen this guys car"
"hey dont go glenning just anyones car, thats the police cruiser"
"Dude, you saved my life"
by negus69 July 30, 2008
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The mantra you say as a dude when you're in your 50s at a bar or lounge, and you're still crushin' it with a vast age range of attractive ladies.

Glenn is a confident and jovial light skinned black man well into his 50s, who easily presents as a forty-something year old. He's strikingly chiseled like a spry linebacker, wearing a form fitting poly-blend t-shirt, a baseball cap--backwards--and break away magnetic reading glasses that comfortably rest on his swole traps when not in use.

Glenn is gregarious. He has a grin from ear-to-ear, an infectious laugh, and he will happily buy a shot of life for a young, fun lady and her friend who approach him in a likely attempt to rub up against his mature, yet muscular frame. Glenn is not afraid to roll solo to a bar or nightclub where most of the patrons are younger than him.

In summary, if you're a dude who's chasing tail, and you see a "Glenn"--get in his orbit, and good things are bound to happen for you! Soon, you'll be glennnnning!!!!

Liam: "Hey bro, I'm having no luck with the ladies tonight."

Steve: "You should go hang out near that styling brother over there and you'll be glenning in no time!"


Jack: "Yo Coach! Did you just see that girl stick her tongue down Glenn's throat?!"

Coach: "Uhhh...yeah. Can you say glennning?!"
by Lloyd Braun 32550 October 18, 2017
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When a TV show or movie makes you believe a character is dead, but later reveals they are not
"Darryl got shot!" "Nevermind, they were just Glenning us"
by SpudTheSpartan July 05, 2016
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