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Armenian ..."Inche Lets Cruise Glenokes in our mercedes Brooo"
by Teresa March 03, 2004
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The city of Glendale is located in southern California. It is the third largest city in Los Angeles County, after LA and Long Beach. Here are some facts about Glendale...

Many celebrities were layed to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Gledale, including Walt Disney, Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis, Jr.

The Baskin-Robbins chain of ice cream parlours started in Glendale in 1945.

The southern campus of Steven Spielburg, Jeffrey Katzenburg, and David Geffen's
DreamWorks SKG is located in Glendale.

In early 2005, 11 people died south of downtown Glendale in a Metrolink train crash.

Celebrities from Glendale include Paul Walker, John Wayne and Edward Furlong.
I just gave you a few facts about Glendale without making fun of any Armenians. Amazing, right? Stop hating, becuase the truth is we're proud of our multiculturalism. Many Persians, Filipinos, Arabs and Latinos also live in Glendale. We're all trying to realize "The American Dream" here, so why can't we all just get along?
by Glendaler, and proud of it! October 22, 2005
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a placerun by armenians with Mecedes audi's and BMW's. The Cops in glendale are assholes and pull everyonesover for everything. the parties get raided and everyone knows everyone & gossips all day long...
" fuckin glendale bro lets go chill at In & Out "

" BROOO I Live in Glendale the WACKEST City EVER... "
by Lisa April 12, 2004
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The real capital of Armenia.In Glendale seeing a mercedes is like seeing a rednck in Texas.Glendale has the worst traffic ever, thanks to old Armenian grandparents and moms and the world wide behind the wheel killers "THE AISANS" Glendale is a site to see...
Thank God i dont live in Glendale.
by Garen November 14, 2004
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One of the wackest cities in Southern California.

Glendale is pretty much in between Eagle Rock, and Los Feliz. Around 15 minutes North of Downtown LA.

Glendale holds the biggest population of Armenians outside of Armenia. That is why you see so many earlier year BMW bodies being driven around from they're apartment because their salary only goes to working on their car and saving up for the Ed Hardy store that's going to open up soon. (omgz the more rhimestones and homo patterns, the betterz!1)

Otherwise, this city is pretty diverse. There are many Koreans, Hispanics, Whites, and Filipinos. And no one race really gets along with the other. There's always tension and fights behind a blank reason.

The white side of glendale is often called "La Crescenta" ( actually, thats the actual sub-city name ).

The only things to do in Glendale is go to the mall, americana, marketplace, or In n out. And everybody knows which In n out if you live here.

There are two main high schools here that hold a big rivalry. Hoover High and Glendale High ( also referred to as GHS ). They both have the same rep outside of glendale, and they both suck in sports. That's why CV from the white side, La Crescenta, beats they're ass everytime in everything. Go falcons !

The teenage population in Glendale is pretty bad. In La Crescenta, a bit better.
The teenagers' groups consist of scene kids, jocks disguised in semi-skater clothing, posers who like to smoke oregano acting like they're faded and typically hang out with the scene kids and act like they skate, REAL skaters, sneakerheads, the typical armenians, and the rest don't matter.
Nobody get's along with the armenians, even the armenians don't get along with the armenians.

The americana and mall is an attraction to the hypebeasts of Socal. They all like to come here for some reason. It's really anoyying when you see multiple colored bandanas and bape/baby milo/bbc from head to toe.

Theres also a lot of kids that like to make cliques, fams, crews, etc. Originally only supposed to be made by krumpers ,( there used to be sessions here when glendale was fine ) but everybody likes to be gay and labeled in a fam because they can't seem to get their mind to grow out of middle school.

Everybody pretty much expects too much in your image. If you aren't holding a cigarette, don't blaze, aren't dressed in a certain way, don't go to parties every friday and saturday if possible, don't have at least 5 fam tags on your myspace display name or headline, then you are not accepted here. As sad as it sounds, that's how dumb this place is and that's why nobody else likes to come here anymore.

If your family is planning to move here, go to La Crescenta. It may be the white side of glendale, but it's way better.
Glendale is full of people that care too much in appearance.
by BUCKBOOM CRAZEEVICIOU$ FAM UP! September 07, 2008
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