a beautiful, thick, tall, voluptuous woman. coined by the singing group, the glamazons. a glamazon is confident and is proud to show the world that big is definitely sexy.
when the glamazons group got on state, their presence struck the crowd and demanded drooling from the men in the audience.
by sosodefxxx598 August 09, 2007
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a woman with an overdeveloped sense of beauty, glamour, and fashion. Akin to a beauty warrior or fashion police, a glamazon worships glamour and can be belligerent toward anyone who does not share the same sensibility.
"and then she uninvited me to the party because I didn't wear earrings to the gym!"

What a glamazon! She needs to get real!
by Shumado February 10, 2011
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A large amazon-like woman or cross-dressing man. Often black or hispanic, or both. Can be described as a mixture of an ex-college football player and Oprah. Normally found in New England and from thereabouts or even down to New York.
Ramon loves his Glamazon, she is so pretty to him and all the other butt-pirates, but to the straight eye, the man is huge and ugly.
by Kepp-Dblock May 07, 2006
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