A woman paid to be a clothes hanger for a designer's clothes while walking down a runway. Extremely thin so that only the clothes are shown without any pesky curves or body to make them look bad.
Katarina used to be skinny, but then she got a job as a runway model and became a walking skeleton.
by pands August 29, 2009
A woman whose picture you see everywhere in fashion magazines, she's supposed to be pretty and attractive and pleasant, but instead she has THiS description:



*Looks like a TOTAL (b-word), in other words she always has this ANGRY look on her face like she thinks she's so much better than everybody else just because she is wearing expensive-as-heck designer clothes whose names you can't pronounce, either that or she's just mad at the world.

*Looks like she is sick because she's so skinny and pale


Runway models are supposed to look beautiful and happy so they'll attract more people, but trust me, with their sour faces, they are likely to attract NOBODY.
Jane: "Why do you always walk around with a sulky look on your face, and why do you want to waste all your money on $500 Gucci jeans and $300 Versace sunglasses when you can get a just as good pair of jeans for $40 and a just as good pair of sunglasses for $14...and did I pronounce the names right?"

Lisa: "This is the runway model attitude. They always look like this."
Jane: "Well, if they always walk around looking like they have something up their rear ends all the time then they're really not all that attractive like they think they are."
by smking59 June 5, 2009