GitHub is a website popular with programmers because they can publish their programs there and work with other people on the internet to help make the code even better. One feature is that people can fork code, which means that they can essentially copy the code and make whatever changes to it that they want without editing the actual code. It's kind of like a group project where people can do whatever they want.
Random Person: hey wanna see my new project its on GitHub
by Riv4l December 1, 2018
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Bro1: Bro wanna watch porn together?
Bro2: Sure let me login to github so that I can fork a sexy repo and masturbate to it.
by Ipwn pokenubs March 29, 2018
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A programmer-oriented software distribution website. It's a great way for programmers to release, maintain and co-develop their open-source software in a methodical way. However, the layperson who has no experience in software development will find the website rather difficult to navigate, often making their heads spin while they sift through the files and source code trying to find a download button for the program.

It is advised for developers to release and maintain the software on a more user-friendly website like sourceforge or fosshub, instead of linking people directly to the software repository.
Downloading through github: PANIK
Downloading through sourceforge, fosshub or literally any other file sharing website (e.g. Gdrive): KALM
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A GitHub user with a furry profile picture, typically a member of the LBGTQ+ community, also typically a Reddit mod and/or Discord user, who may also be very politically correct and/or well versed in "woke" ideology.
Boomer: All those darn GitHub furries turning people gay.
GitHub furry: UwU femboy nya~
by Vivaticas March 28, 2022
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Advocates for a government where policy is managed via a respiratory hosting service that governs voluntarily via subscription plans. The GitHub Political Party would put in place a open-source government that stores revisions of projects for ideologies and policies.

In practice the Github party would advocate for a voluntary society in which groups and individuals maintain and develop their culture or interests whilst maintaining a pluralist attitude valuing philoxenia (a love of strangers). Their philoxenia & their pluralist attitude are valued by each of the societies, despite them being apart of various schools of thought because they all consider the possibility that the other society is more correct. Each of these societies evinces a willingness to update their theories as more evidence becomes available. These voluntary societies treat their ideas like code where there are willing to update to new versions, fork into separate versions experimenting with different ideas, and are willing to boot up older iterations with the knowledge they obtained with newer iterations.
Within these voluntary societies people will be able to vote with their feet or dollar ;in lieu of, diluted votes often associated with regular democracy.
Thanks to the GitHub Political Party all the political ideologies are living in harmony. People now live within the political systems they choose to or the political systems they dream up themselves – what a wonderful world. Where everyone is free to choose what they wish and create political systems untrammeled by basic b democracy.
by MurdochMaxwell November 11, 2020
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Where the programmer will spam pull requests in the hopes of getting your PR accepted. Which will probably never happen.
Dude 1: Yo this kid needs to stop Github Pull Request Farming.

Dude 2: Yeah I’m trashing his Pull Request.
by Jxckson January 23, 2022
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