To repossess. Often done after a loan is defaulted on.
by Turnspike February 10, 2003
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Stealing someones intellectual property and reprocessing it for your own gain.
That dude takes credit for everything I do. He reprocesses it like it was his own. What a REPO man.
by 8231 January 6, 2015
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That's my repo I always go this back
by D the sneak March 11, 2008
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my mate went to bang this chick but she was strictly repo so he had to charge the corn
by james November 17, 2003
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Short name for a source code repository. A source code repository is a place where large amounts of source code can be stored, either publicly or privately.
Example 1: I have a programming project due in class tomorrow morning and need to fork your repo since I'm too tired to do it tonight.

Example 2: If my repo gets 400,000 forks in less than one hour I'll be internet famous. Yipee!!!
by Octo Kitten November 16, 2013
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Repo; Short for report. Highly addictive method of getting a rush. A new drug, almost like heroin.
Yo man you want some Repo? I got 20 reports waiting for an infraction.
by iSwift March 5, 2011
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having a penis the size of a 20 water bottle, like almost the size of a fire extigusher. or in other words having the biggest dick in the school or in the history of ever.
"When tyler jumps off 7 mile bridge the the repo isnt afraid of the water, the water is afraid of the repo."
by aliengirl June 13, 2008
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