A non-derogatory description of a homosexual- typically male.
Can be used in a friendly, joking way, usually in conversation with an out-of-closet gay who is already your friend. It can almost be considered a term of platonic endearment for your gay friend.
(can be used as a noun or adjective)
Andrew: Oh my god, Joe is so cute today!
Laura: You're so KALM, man. You are so obsessed with that guy.
Andrew: I know! :D
Laura: Dude, I love you. hahaha
Shelby: You guys are so disney.
by pop rock junkie January 29, 2008
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The calm before the storm, when things are so calm that nothing can be happening, but you have that weird feeling they are about to start.
A: It's so boring, there's nothing up

B: calm or Kalm?

A: Probs Kalm, people never stop doing nnoying things
by Ivan S March 9, 2008
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When something is banging good or something is gonna be alright
"we linkin up n that tomoz"
"yeh yeh its kalm"
by rahuno September 14, 2020
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A facebook like page featuring a very popular large black women with snazy comebacks and awesome jokes.
Did you see kalm yo tits' status today? talk about a diary of a mad black woman.
by thunder-cunt July 1, 2011
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