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HTML, or HyperTextMarkupLanguage is the basis of every website. It uses strings like <p> or <h1> to create websites. It might as well be the skeletal structure of the internet's completely hypothetical body. Since writing with just HTML doesn't make for very good websites, it works with another programming language called CSS to design things like fonts, colors, and other things that just bare HTML can't do.

HTML is on it's fifth edition, and is still being worked on.
It can't be used for making things like applications or video games. For those, programmers would use C++, C, Python, Ruby, Java, BASIC, or other things that you might be able to think of.
It also can't be used to make any interactive things except for hyperlinks. You'll need something like JavaScript for that.
Programmer 1: "hey did you get those bugs in the HTML fixed? cause if we're going to publish this website it can't have any lethal bugs in it
Programmer 2: Yeah but I found a really big glitch in the CSS interacting with the JavaScript
Programmer 1: Should we tell management
Programmer 3: Already fixed it, don't worry
by Riv4l December 1, 2018
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GitHub is a website popular with programmers because they can publish their programs there and work with other people on the internet to help make the code even better. One feature is that people can fork code, which means that they can essentially copy the code and make whatever changes to it that they want without editing the actual code. It's kind of like a group project where people can do whatever they want.
Random Person: hey wanna see my new project its on GitHub
by Riv4l December 1, 2018
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A VPN is a tool that can be used for many purposes. It stands for Virtual Private Network. It can be used for masking IP addresses, unblocking large networks, which lets your IP address not be revealed. However, a new study showed that the NSA can unmask a VPN for the low, low, price of 3,000 dollars.

However, some may slow down your speed.
This new VPN unblocks school WiFi
by Riv4l December 10, 2018
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The Dark Web is a part of the internet that can only be accessed by something called a Tor Network. It is commonly confused with the Deep Web, which is just the part of the internet that can't be indexed by google (edit profile pages, etc.)

It is also commonly confused to be one of the darkest places in the world, full of crime and illegal things everywhere. That's actually not true. The Dark Web is just 4% of the internet that can't be accessed by regular web browsers. And also, only about 30% of the things on there are illegal. It's mostly just for people who want to be anonymous from the tracking networks that Google/facebook etc. have. Like for instance, Facebook has its own Dark Web address.

Unlike the media portrays it, the Dark Web isn't a bad place. It's just for people who want to be anonymous in the world of websites and ads tracking everything you do.

But you still might not want to go there. The things that ARE on there can be scary. Child porn, dead body porn, assassination lotteries, red room tickets (you don't want to know what that is), bitcoin fraud, and everything else is fairly common. I don't go to any of these websites, and if you don't want to have to bleach your eyes in prison then I suggest you don't either.

Also, if you do want to access the Dark Web, then I suggest you get a VPN to mask your IP address, unplug all microphones, cameras, speakers, and printers, go there on a Virtual Machine(preferably with TailsOS), and don't do illegal things.
Person 1: Hey bro look at this thing I found
Person 2: Send me the link
Person 1: Oh you can't go to it on a regular web browser it's on the dark web
by Riv4l December 1, 2018
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Google is one of the main search engines other than Bing and Yahoo.

It has content trackers installed on 75 percent of websites on the Internet that take your interests and search history that really should be private, but instead of keeping it private, they sell it to random advertisers.
If you want to find something then Google it
by Riv4l December 10, 2018
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