A planned event, usually held at a cheesy Irish pub or dance club, where groups of females dress provocatively, flirt insessantly, dance badly, and accept free drinks from desparate single men. The event usually ends when one female passes out in her own vomit or when one of their boyfriends shows up.
Marsha is having a girl's night out this Friday, so we can head down to Cheetahs.
by JMello August 19, 2003
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when girls go out and party without their boyfriends/husbands
Shirley and the gals went on a girls' night out to the local bar.
by cockblocka August 19, 2003
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A clutch of females, friends, who escape from their ordinary lives and go out and act like they don't have responsibilities or boyfriends. This excursion can also be girls night in, ie staying at one females house together as a group.
After this week i am looking foward to girls' night out with kate, laura and becca.
by heather August 19, 2003
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An evening excursion for a group of women all of whom must dress in revealing or scanty attire, and who should, as part of the etiquette of the event, consume large quantities of alcohol, and make a lot of noise. It is conventional at such events for one party to vomit whilst another holds the retcher's hair back from her face.
Gillian's girl's night out had been a great success with only minor casualties.
by Sara August 17, 2003
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When the girls go out shopping and return home late. Usually in a drugged out and drunken stupor. A good oppurtunity to change the locks on the doors.
My ex had a girls' night out and came home the next day accusing me of cheating on her when she was gone.
by I'm not kidding December 6, 2003
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When a group of women get together to complain about men, problems with men, or the lack of men.
Usually involves acting in a manner in which any man who sees them would sever all ties with said women, should that man know them.
Things were going great with Mark until Gina and her friends went on a girl's night out.
Mark saw Gina at a club and slit his wrists in the bathroom.
by Fuckballs. August 24, 2003
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A night where "girls" go out with their friends. The single girls in the group complain because the married ones are being hit on by the "hot" guys. The married girls are doing things with these hot guys that would be grounds for divorce, and overall they all get too drunk to remember why they are missing their panties and/or a chunk of their hair. Good Times!
Stacy had a girls' night out 9 1/2 months ago, and now her baby has red hair.
by Arnold S May 18, 2007
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