The facial expression on one's face after taking ecstasy/MDMA. A proper thizz face includes one's teeth grinding together or having their mouth closed. The facial expression is often compared to the one in which a person smells urine.
I don't bust 'em in half, it leave a nasty taste. I swallow 'em whole, and get to THIZZ FACE. -Mac Dre
by March 21, 2006
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thizz face is when you make a face like you smell some piss
"first i do like dis i put a look on my face like i smell some piss"mac dre-thizzle dance
by lani7o7 March 27, 2005
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the face you make while thizzin and doin the thizzle dance ...bay area term
"fish face with the thizz face off a nike"-mac dre
by justine from the bay March 4, 2005
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the face you make when chewing a pill of ecstacy.
made popular by mac dre.
it is impossible to not look like you just smelled piss when you chew a pill.
man them chewables gave me tha thizz face
by jeff gets hyphy May 14, 2007
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background- real hood
the ugly explanation that gets stuck on ones face while thizzin (under the influence of exstacy)
Boy you got that thizz face.
by maxx March 4, 2005
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A word that came from Rap Pop Culture that has proabbly lowerd the IQ of 90% of the teenage population in the bay area, referring to doing ecstacy, even though it isnt even really common that anyone makes a face that looks like they are smelling piss, its just derived from lyrics from a rap song, which kids tend to follow. Thizz face is just another form of expression that comes and goes every year. Such as in 2006, many people used the word hyphy, and now its gone and not used as much, because it isnt focused on enough in the rap trend of Bay Area Clubbing.
I sniffed my cats asshole and i got a Thizz face
by herald jose September 28, 2006
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when you on one nigga an you poppa nother wit no chase.
gettin some boss head aka flight to boston. then popa pill an chew that shit up nigga to get the true thizz face.
by the real "worm" December 10, 2007
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