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A type of hat or armband worn commonly in the greater Philadelphia area by real hard kids. Posers (wiggas and wangstas) try to pull it off but can't normally get the authentic thing, and even worse posers think the fakes are legit.

Used to rep your crew or clique (i.e. Hilltop Hustlaz, BYM, or Haines Street) where you might be runnin' in a squad with 100+ members and can't identify anyone by sight all the time. In some of the recent rumbles in North Philly schools (Martin Luther King High for instance), wearing the wrong giggi meant you got stomped by your own crew when people knuckled on each other.
"Bruh I wuz walkin' through D-block the other day and thought I wuz 'bout ta get jumped by this big boi. Then I saw his giggi and realized he wuz from BYM too so I walked wit him up past Roosevelt."
by Illy Docks February 11, 2010
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