A word used to sprinkle a little flavor into your sentences. This word can have almost any purpose and can be used in almost any scenerio
Wuss giggy?”
Not much but I’m feeling hella giggy right now”
by Jack Mr Rabbit January 24, 2018
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noun: A slang word for "vagina."
"And women, are born with a vagina, which I like to call a Giggy. Giggy, rhyme with puppy... but not very well."
--Foxxy Love, Drawn Together
by Emma The Red November 13, 2004
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Her Giggy was flapping in the wind.

Time to go to the gynecologist for your Giggy exam!
by Floof March 16, 2019
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Can't stop giggling due to passive Mary j inhalation.
Ohhh I'm ever so Giggiful!
by Esha peesh December 6, 2016
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A word used to describe an outrageous, uncalled-for, or idiotic comment.
Daniel: He prefers hot dogs rather than tacos, if you know what I mean... (sexual inuendo intended)

Greg (to person beside him): That was pretty giggy..
by Smashy June 8, 2004
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