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Invented in the summer of 1964 by an eight year old San Diego elementary school Boy named Don who needed to find a new name that none of the bullies would recognize. The popular insult names at that time were Wimpy, from the "Popeye The Sailer" cartoon and Pussy from the obvious. Wussy and Wuss kept them confused for a short time and gave the abused a short victory over the bullies. In the beginning Don actually had them conviced it was a compliment. By 1972 it had become a real comon word at Clairemont High School and was later momorialized in the 1982 movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" that characterized those people at Clairemont High.
You're a Wuss.
by Donwaldo June 03, 2009
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A person who is physically weak and ineffectual. Often a male person with low courage factor.
Tobias, you're such a WUSS!

Johan, you are a big WUSS!
by E55eT© March 19, 2007
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A wuss is what one guy calls another guy when the first guy is too much of a pussy to call the second guy a pussy.
Maybe you are my boss, and a karate black belt, but sometimes you can be sort of a wuss.
by FredericBastiat December 29, 2016
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A person of dual sissiness. This is actually a combination word. The person this word describes is not only a wuss, he is part wimp and part puss. Originally first heard by Damone in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Ahh!! your a frekin wuss!! part wimp, part puss.
by LarryBee April 07, 2007
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A person who is both a wimp and a pussy, as defined by the character Mike in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

A wuss is characterized by being feeble, cowardly, and generally no fun.
Mike Damone: "You're a wuss: part wimp, and part pussy."
by Howlin' Steve September 30, 2007
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1) A wuss is typically a person known for being afraid or a little kitty and chicken out to just check on something like WiFi or door being locked..
2) An Ivanna or a Nana
Example: you are a wuss for not checking that being so close to it, Ivanna.
Example: damn Johnny what a wuss you couldn't finish your test in A HOUR!
by valdaswisdommagic April 05, 2017
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