Urban Redneck

The urban counterpart to the rural. Both underclasses possess a culture, values, language, and dress code characterized by identification with ignorance, substance abuse, objectification of women, crime, poverty and geographic, social and economic isolation.
You might be ghetto if your car has rims which cost more than the car itself.
by Becky August 30, 2006
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some who acts like they grew up poor and in the hood. usaully this type of person can never let the streets and hood go.
i can't stand that girl she is so ghetto....
by lancenishimoto August 17, 2007
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1. A state of mind

2. People, who may not always be of the black or lower class, that act unnecessarily uncivilized
1. Just because you live in the projects don't mean you have to be ghetto.

2. "No she didn't just walk into this grocery store in her pajamas and hair scarf!"
by simplydabest82 November 30, 2007
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What you see when people don't take care of their feet, but still insist on wearing sandals in public.
Hey, you're in a restaurant, can you put some shoes on and cover up those ghet-toes?
by TheSmitty3 November 04, 2007
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The place which housed and or where Jews were kept during World War Two.
The gustopo stopped in the ghetto to patrol the area after curfew.
by Kit Vega December 16, 2015
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despite pop culture, ghetto is actually a noun, not an adjective to describe something poorly made or maintained. a ghetto is an area of gov't funded housing.
wrong: bro, that is a ghetto ass stereo
right: i live in the ghetto
by Paul____ August 11, 2005
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