The type to fight for her love. She will go through guys but will end up finding the one. She is beautiful. The image of love.
by Wolf484 April 28, 2018
She is a sweet girl with a kind heart she loves dog and any animal she is an introvert but is also kind of an extrovert.
Venezia the kind-hearted person
by imamug September 22, 2020
A girl that gives zero fucks who she breaks up with just get what she wants. Feelings don’t exist in this girl’s world. I love yous arent REAL don’t fall for this girl. Venezia is a beautiful being like a siren. She’s sexual and strong.
Venezia just played you
by elninooo June 28, 2019
Deadliest drug, a demon girl. If dating her please RUN. She has an assssssss but please run don’t fall.
Venezia killed him
by elninooo July 9, 2019
True beauty and excellent person at heart but true darkness comes from this girl. She will make you fall for her but you might be the first to leave physically but she was the first to leave mentally. If this demon girl has you PLEASE RUN
Ronny was killed by Venezia
by elninooo July 9, 2019
1. Alternate spelling of Venice.
2. Often mispronounced word.
3. A state of mind, not just a place.
I was about to have a breakdown, but now I'm totally venezia.
by zigdag September 23, 2004
An overrated Portuguese footballer that loves scoring against Venezia. He would fight anyone who dares to take Venezia from him. He even thinks about Venezia more than his wife..
Venezia man like scoring penalties even more than drinking water.
by Trillss May 27, 2021