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The more Getto verions of "Ghetto" for those who are too poor to afford the silent "H"
White person: My 2 year old computer is Ghetto

Black person: My stolen bike is Getto
by Knee-Grow10 January 14, 2010
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spelling ghetto "getto" is so ghetto
getto is the ghetto way to spell ghetto you ghetto piece of ghettoness
by blehaa April 20, 2005
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Can be spelt ghetto.
1) An extremely twisted slang used by the so called "ghetto" people. Originates from the times where blacks were enslaved and began this type of language. They were poor and so are people in a ghetto, thus the link.
2) a type of people who use twisted slang and hang out in packs.
3) awesome, amazing, cool
1) Fo shizzle mah nizzle, gimme a holla da day afta da next!
2) My friends and I are so ghetto.
3) Dude, I love your watch! It's so ghetto!
by Milosz Kosmider June 05, 2003
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like ghetto, but with out the h.
sometimes the h can be replaced with an apostrophe (') (g'etto) and in certain cases the apostrophe (') has been stolen and it is just the outline of one in dottes lines.
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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