A historic apartment building located on the east bank of the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis. This buliding was officially completed on January 19th, 1893. It is inhabited mostly by the talented student athletes of the University, along with a few random exceptions. It is the home to not only people, but also a plethora of animals, insects, and raging parties. It is known to be haunted and infectious with the black plague.
"is that a squirrel?"
"Is this the ghetto?"
"is this porch connected to the building?"
by theblackdeath January 06, 2013
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What people call people who they feel are below them, things you don't have, or don't do. Or what white people, and some black people like to call anything that black people do.
"Oh, I don't have a raggedy house, Stacy, that's ghetto."
"I don't wear bonnets in public because that's ghetto."
"I won't have sex in public, that's ghetto."
"That black woman wearing pajamas is ghetto."
"That Successful black man is ghetto."
"I don't have a diploma, money, or a nice house. That's ghetto."
by CHEY April 12, 2015
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noun - Section of the city occupied by a legaly, socially, or economically oppressed group of people.

Adjective - a decription of a noun or verb showing neglect or carelessness.

adverb - descriptive modification of an action or behavior
n. - I'm trying to get out of the ghetto. (See also Detroit)
adj. - dat hooptie is straight ghetto (see older model honda civic, toyota corolla, or any american based vehicle)
adv. - dat fool be actin ghetto crazy when he be having his 3rd fourty (see Mel Gibson)
by Stephen Deluca August 14, 2006
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basically meaning black or relating to the black culture
Person 1-yo look at what those ghetto kids are wearin

Person 2-yea i know, their shorts are so fuckin low that they could be pants
by foo bear August 08, 2005
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a run down area of the city.
every one who lives in winnipeg knows that gordon bell school is ghetto.
man gordon bell is sooo ghetto!
by MITCHELL March 29, 2005
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area of a city where the land values are comparativley lower than that of the rest of the city
man i live in the ghettos, my house is worth nothing compared to my homies crib
by k-cuz February 22, 2006
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